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This is the stuff I use to help me in my daily work:



Replaces Windows' absolutely crappy© search tool which is just fucking annoying. How did they break it so badly since Win7. Anyways, it is:

  • Blazing fast
  • Works with wildcards like you expect it to
  • Can use remote folder drives (and only index at low frequency as though not to spam your servers)

The only gotcha I've found so far is that if you give it a _really_ big network drive (like alot of folder and TBytes), it crashes/freezes. Anyways it's not recommended to do so.

Bulk Rename Utility


Aka the Space Shuttle Controls renaming tool. The interface looks like a 90s badly designed UI, I love it. It does everything you would want out of a renaming tool, because we often screw up padding, naming, you name it.