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Shading instances with custom colors

Is a little more hands on than getting custom attributes

If you have a single object that you want to instance but have it have a random shader (in my example, using color), you can use a trick/weird workaround.

To make it work:

  • in your scattered points (the ones that hold @instance, @orient, @pscale, @Cd) /obj/ level geo, make sure you choose 'Packed RGBA Values from 'Cd' Point Attribute'.
  • in your instance shader, you need to grab 'Texture Instance Color' and go pick a .ppm texture that sits in the install directory of octane under the /tex folder called rgb4k_map.ppm
  • plug it in directly your diffuse or use it to drive other textures like a ramp in my example


Shadow catcher with diffuse bounce

I think default shadow catching doesn't get the bounce so you can whip it up with a rayswitch. I sort of plugged stuff into stuff for it to work (topright pigheads -- bottom left is normal shadowcatcher,plane grid is a green material):

(also i cropped the rayswitch like an idiot but camera ray is at 0 the rest at 1



Double sided material in Octane

You can use tool_polygon_side to drive a material mixer: