Color (Aces, LUTs, Gamma etc)

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Important Links

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sRGB has the same white point as rec709 (D65), but it is gamma 2.2, whereas rec709 is gamma 2.4. P3 DCI has a warmer white point (D63) and is gamma 2.6. This is because in a theatre, it's a darker viewing environment and reflected light rather than screen light. So your eyes adjust according to the environment, and then it "looks" the same as a screen.

If you're used to sRGB and need to output that colour space, then I would keep your screen set that way. Unless you're making DCPs for a theatre, I don't really see the need for a DCI screen. All your outputs will look dark and cooler as soon as you see it on an sRGB screen.

A 2.6 EOTF (the correct term for screen gamma) is darker than a 2.4 EOTF... 2.2 is brighter. The green white point is irrelevant, as compensation is made to make sure whites remain visually D65. Actually, DCI P3 D65 is now commonly used.

Also, Rec709 is not 100nits. A grade-1 display is specified at 100 nits for grading, but Rec709 has no such specification.