7550A Hp Plotter

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I got my hands on a HP plotter and am trying to make it work (as in send .eps/.ps files to it). Documenting


bought usb <> serial, apparently lots of fakes so I downgraded a windows driver to make it work, it didn't

Python library: https://github.com/drepetto/chiplotle (skipping for now)


trying to connect to serial using linux, so far, not so good (tried both modem and direct ports)

keep getting `pl2303 ttyUSB0: pl2303_get_line_request - failed: -32` error

http://papers.mpastell.com/serial.pdf (connecting USB to serial from raspberry to the plotter using 'ttyUSB0')

inkscape HGPL https://jenda.hrach.eu/m/hpgl/Linux%20inkscape%20save%20as%20HPGL%20file%20for%20pen%20cutting%20plotter%20extension.html

houdini wire render (wren) ps files are not really postscript, figure out a way to convert them with imagemagick

dmesg: device messages (figure out your tty port) tail -f /var/log/syslog : same but all commands